About the enterprise

Way of the enterprise collective, which unites the representatives almost of thirty nationalities, is a way of continuous technical perfection, growth of professional skill.

Week days of huge building

December 20, 1929 the Central Committee and Soviet of National Commissioners of Union SSR have decided: «To approve developed plan of building during 1931-1933 57 new meat manufacturing combines by National commissariat of supply of Union SSR".

So in 1931 on deserted left-banks of gray (hoary) Irtysh, not far from Semipalatinsk city, began to grow meat-preserving factory, which it was viewed to be one of leaders of meat industry of the country after Moscow and Leningrad.

The pleasure of collective in connection with successful test of the equipment shared the outstanding figure of Communist Party, secretary CC of C.P.S.U.(B) is S.М. Кirov who visited meat-preserving factory on September 15, 1934.

Under the diagram of military time

During Patriotic War the overwhelming majority of men have left at the front. All difficulties of job were on fragile shoulders of the women and teenagers, which came on replacement to the husbands, sons and fathers asserting in fights of our right on life. The job in shops did not cease - the impracticable task was assigned practically on the employees of combine: rates of manufacture do not reduce. With the large rise the collective was worked - on front worked these days the canned food and sausages were shipped super scheduled meat and the orders for medical preparations were carried out without a delay. The workers of the enterprise voluntary entering of the savings on construction of fighting techniques have approved with enthusiasm.

There were invested ordens of Labour Red Banner and the Badge of Honour, medals " for Labour decorations" and "for Labour valour" for the valour labour at performance of the tasks of government on the products supply of a meal of Red Army and Navy of toiler.

January 24, 1944 was issued the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme Body of USSR about rewarding of Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory named after М.I. Каlinin by an award of a Labour Red Banner.

The collective of factory repeatedly was the winner of All-Union socialist competition, and on results of 1944 it was handed on an eternal storage of the Red Banner of State Committee of a Defense.

The newest history

"Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory "Ltd is organized in 2003. A new technological line on meat processing and manufacture of meat products is started here. "It was inculcated 22 units of the super modern equipment of the Austrian firm «Shaller" in cost of 215 tenge on a new technological line.

«The Uniqueness of the equipment consists in automatic touch performance, ease in operation, qualitative development of raw material and ready production, speed and high efficiency ", - the main engineer Iskakov I.K. also tells in addition, that the new technologies will allow combine to leave on even large capacities.

Today «Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory" Ltd. is specialized by enterprise for processing of all kinds of cattle and release of meat, sausage and canning production. The industrial platform of factory has convenient transport, including railway entrances. The convenient transport shoulder to places of preparation of raw material allows to lower transport costs. The capacity of combine on release of meat canning production makes 35 thousand jars in change, on manufacture of sausage production, forcemeat and pelmeni - 10 tons in change. The introduction of the progressive equipment allows finishing release and realization of production up to 24 tons per day.

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