Semipalatinsk meat preserving factory

There was constructed one of the largest meat-preserving factory in record possible time for 3 years. The necessity of large meat-preserving factory rising was caused by rapid development of cattle-breeding areas of Kazakhstan and Western Siberia. Since that time the decades passed… it was 75 years to Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory from the date of delivery it in operation on November 5, 2009.

Now due to introduction of the newest equipment, automation of technological processes, perfection of organization of service of workplaces a level of technical equipment of the enterprise considerably has raised. At the enterprise the reconstruction of industrial shops is carried out, the new equipment from the world leaders, for manufacture, pre-packing and packing of sausage products is established.

ЦехFor production the cattle is bought and has been reared in East and Central Kazakhstan. The alive cattle which in facilities of East and Central Kazakhstan is bought for production. Production which is manufactured by " Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory " Ltd., passes the veterinary control on the part of own laboratory at all stages of technological process, since the moment of delivery of raw material, processing, manufacture, and finishing with its realization. Besides job of industrial laboratory is pledge of high quality of production of the enterprise.

Highly skilled, the professionally prepared staff provides production in strict conformity with the requirements of the standard (SAUS) with observance of sanitary rules for the enterprises of a meat industry. At the enterprise also are carefully kept and are used traditional compounds of «Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory ". Now on «Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory" Ltd the system of management of quality on conformity to the requirements of the international standard of МС ИСО 9001:2000 is certificated. The certificate of conformity to the requirements of СТ RK ИСО 22000:2005 is given, that is a guarantee of safety and high quality of a ready product.

КомбинатAll production of «Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory» Ltd. differs by a high level of flavouring properties and wide assortment, and it is about 200 names of meat production. This meat and byproducts, high-quality sausage products, delicatessen and smoked foods, meat, delicatessen and meat-vegetation canned food, dry animal forages.

The adjusted cycle of manufacture coordinated job of all divisions, long-term planning in view of the market tendencies - all this is directed on creation of production of Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory, worthy to represent the Kazakhstan food-processing industry in the domestic and foreign markets.

Today we look in the future with confidence. We have good prospects and far-reaching plans: increase of volumes realization, increase of efficiency of work, introduction of new capacities, expansion of assortment line, development of new regions, opening of new firm shops.

The main strategic task of «Semipalatinsk meat-preserving factory» Ltd. is flexible responding on the requirements of the market, on account of expansion of range of products and observance of the following principles: quality, reliability, availability!